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Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm starting to think that people in this country are too nice

This crap right here?  This giant temper tantrum of spoiled, shitty little cry-bullies who interrupt everyone else's life so they can publicly shit their pants in the middle of an interstate?  I swear to you, if anyone does that kind of crap and holds me up, me and Mr. Tire Iron will make sure there's not a single piece of solid glass left on the cars they parked in the middle of the interstate so they can hold their public display of infantilism.

But people in this country are too nice.  They'll get upset, they'll get mad, they'll say nasty things, but they won't do what needs to be done, which is to punch these cry-bullies so hard in the fucking face that they're shitting out their teeth for the next few days.

Break every window of their car.  Make them drink their dinners through a straw for a bit, and see how many of their public temper tantrums they do in the future.

These slimy, mentally diseased Marxist shock troops have never been punched.  They've been coddled, they've been cocooned, they've lived their entire lives in a hermetically sealed bubble of Leftist, Marxist ideological toxic stew.  They have spent their entire lives assaulting other people verbally or physically, and not once have they ever had someone throw their crap right back in their face.

That has to change.  Bullies, especially cry-bullies, never stop until they are punched by the people they're bullying.  People need to stop being nice.




The cry-bullies do not deserve nice treatment.  They should never expect nice treatment.  And they will never stop until the people they're bullying STOP BEING NICE.


Drumwaster said...

I would have hooked up the first car to the tow truck, and as it was driving away, to the jeers of the rioters, I would have used the megaphone to report, "That car? Not going to impound. It's going to the crusher. More tow trucks are on the way. Now, do you want to have cars, or do you want to have big paperweights? Your call."

I guarantee you that the problem would have solved itself within moments.

Ragin' Dave said...

Someone else suggested tossing a tear gas grenade under the cars and seeing how long it took for the moonbats to un-chain themselves.

Drumwaster said...

"This car right here? Is about to be towed away. If you are foolish enough to still be chained to it when it departs (which should take about five minutes), what's left when the truck reaches the crusher will receive whatever first aid is within the capacity of the folks running the crushing machine. Otherwise it will be listed as a rather unusual and complicated means of suicide, which might be dumb and against one or more religious beliefs, but isn't a crime in the State of Arizona, any more than jumping off a bridge would be. Still your call. Hook it up, Bill!"

0007 said...

I suggested that the old butane lighter up the tailpipe trick was an appropriate response.