Day by Day

Monday, February 15, 2016

OK, so I love snow

The rest of Virginia, not so much.  House hunting gets a whole lot harder when real-estate folks are huddled up in their houses as if driving in the snow might cause them to first break out in hives and then burst into flames.  They didn't even bother showing up to the offices, if the complete and total lack of phone communication can be believed.  We did manage to get one or two folks to respond to text messages.

We actually had one person give us the code to the key box and say "Let us know what you think of the inside!"  So we went and checked it out.  It was the only house we could look at today.

Maybe they're all suffering from PTSD after the wholloping they got a few weeks ago?

Ah well.  I managed to get my hair cut.  And I was the only customer the poor lady had all day.


brinster said...

Where are you house hunting in VA, Dave? We're in the southwest corner.

Ragin' Dave said...

Central. We've got quite a few that we want to look at, but the weather kept all the real estate agents indoors.

brinster said...

Good Luck