Day by Day

Monday, February 01, 2016

Cruz wins Iowa

This makes me happy.  However, in 2012 Santorum squeaked out a win in Iowa, and was never heard from again.

So I'm also a bit worried.

Yes, Cruz is my guy.  I hope he continues to do well.


Rivrdog said...

The real scoreboard math: 8/30 x 30/1235 = .266 x .024 = .0064615, where 1.0 is the nomination in hand. Cheers are NOT appropriate, mathematically just yet. The real (total) importance of IA is .024, or 2.4%, for ALL that State's votes, & Cruz got 26.6% of those, roughly three-fourths of one percent of his desired nomination win. This is equivalent to cheering a "winner" in the Super bowl after 23 seconds have been played...

Anonymous said...

Ideologically speaking, Cruz is the best viable candidate, but in the end I don't see him doing much if he becomes President. I kind of want Trump to win the nomination. I'm tired of the Republican nominees being doormats.