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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Yes, there is a trade war

And it's not just China doing it.  China just happens to be the most effective at it.

China is refusing to trade with Boeing if the company does not move.  Why? It’s not about putting Chinese people to work, it’s about China importing their research and development, Boeing’s production secrets, into their country so they can learn, steal and begin to manufacture their own airliners. 
This is just how China works.  In time, Comac, a state-owned, Shanghai-based aerospace company will then use the production secrets they have stolen, produce their own airliners, kick out Boeing, undercut the market, and sell cheaper manufactured airplanes to the global economy. 
Boeing, the great American company that Jeb Bush thinks they are, becomes yet another notch on the Asian market belt. 
All of those Boeing workers, those high-wage industrial skill jobs that support the American middle class, yeah – those jobs lost.   And the cycle continues.
Lemme tell you about being able to buy the movie 300 on a bootleg DVD prior to it being released in theaters.  Of course, this was in Puerto Rico, and the DVD was from the Dominican Republic.....

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