Day by Day

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Peak Laziness

Saw this while coming back from grocery shopping.  Damn near lost my mind.

This is just one example of why I cannot wait to leave this place.  It's full of people who are too stupid and lazy to push the damn shopping cart an extra six feet into the cart corral.

This attitude carries over into every other aspect of their lives.  Being that fucking lazy and worthless is not the problem; it is a symptom of the problem, and the problem is that I am surrounded by selfish, lazy, stupid fucking assholes on a constant basis.

Put the cart.  Into the corral.  Six.  Fucking.  Feet.  But apparently that's too much effort for the slack-jawed, drooling, mouth breathing fuckwits who live in the San Fernando Valley.  Just like putting their plastic bags into the trash was too much effort, which caused the LA river to be festooned with trees covered in plastic bags that were just tossed into the road.  Which is why LA county banned plastic bags, by the way.  Just like throwing your trash in a TRASH CAN takes too much effort, which is why I pick up litter from the sidewalk next to my house every week.

Just like giving a fuck about your fellow man takes too much effort for these shitheads, which is why every time I turn around I'm confronted by yet another greedy, selfish asshole who can't bother to do any of the basic things that make civilization function smoothly, such as use a turn signal, share the sidewalk, stop at red lights, pick up after their dog, or any other of the myriad acts of courtesy that allow people to live in close quarters.

Soon, soon, soon I will be out of this shithole.  And then, quite frankly, the entire city of Los Angeles can sink in to the ocean and drown for all I care.


Anonymous said...

Dave, hate to tell ya, but you won't be moving away from it, you'll just be seeing it in a different zip code.
I live in a suburb of Minneapolis and the same shit happens here.
It's the citizenry devolving.


Brinster said...

What OC said. Here in rural Southwest Virginia, the same thing can be seen, especially at the Walmart supercenter. It's a symbol of the decline of American civilization.

Drumwaster said...

As Heinlein pointed out, it all started with public toilets being left for the next fellow to clean up.

Ragin' Dave said...

Y'all are BRINGING ME DOWN! Especially you, Brinster, given that I'm going to be in Virginia fairly soon.