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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jogged by a post at Tam's

I've never fired a Taurus Judge.  I'm not a recoil wussy, but I just don't think I could keep the gun on target firing a 410 shotgun shell out of a revolver.  Not without an 8" barrel, anyways.  To me, the gun  just screams "show piece".  As in you can pull it out to say "Hey, look at this!" but you never actually use it very often.

Any of you out there ever fired one?  If so, is it a novelty sort of thing, or is this a gun that's actually worth buying?


Rivrdog said...

I shot one this summer, the Raging Judge in 410x3" and 454 Casull. Impressions:

It's heavy. 4# or so.

454 is a hand howitzer. S/A, two hands, I could barely hang onto it. 410 was MUCH milder, and 5 OO buck stayed in a tight pattern at the 15-yd target.

Two of us fired 100 rds of Casull and 5 rds of 410. We both wore grippy-gloves, a necessity. The gun would have to be carried in a shoulder-to-hip rig, Sam Browne style.

Afterwards, we shot my GP100 6" in 357. It hammers only a half-ton on the target instead of the 3/4-ton+ Casull.

I have a 44 Mag Anaconda 4", and it has maybe 3/4 of the Casull's recoil. It is the stoutest handgun I want to shoot.

P2 said...

Friend of mine has a lark, we shot a round of skeet with it using .410... Ya just can't swing the thing worth a damn, and trying to shoot that second target was a serious pain. It's way heavy, like Rivrdog mentioned, and I sure wouldn't want to lug it around all day. You'd be more likely to take it off, set it down somewhere, and then have big brown & fuzzy get between you & it when ya need it.. I wouldn't spend the money on one. It'd probably be useful if ya live in snake country, but you could get away with 38 or 45 colt shot shells for that too...
I live up here where humans aren't the top of the food chain and carry a S&W 629 in 45 Colt loaded a bit hot with 330 gr jacketed soft nose as a sidearm, and a Marlin 1894 levergun in the same caliber as a primary when I'm out in the trees..2 guns, 1 round. Carry either a 1911 45 cap or a sweet little Korean 40 S&W during the cooler months; gotta be able to punch thru the heavy outer layers... Summer carry is a snub nose 38.

Ragin' Dave said...

So I'm getting from you two that it's pretty much a "show" gun. Pretty to look at, not much use.

P2 said...

That's my take.... Kinda like buyin an Escalade or a Navigator....are you REALLY gonna take an 80,000 dollar rig out in the boonies?...