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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Gutless, pathetic cretins

The White House is six different shades of butt-hurt about Trumps proposed Muslim ban.  The worst President in the history of America is saying that Trump deserves to be in the dust-bin of history for daring to suggest that we not allow Muslims into America.

Apparently, he's forgotten that one of his idols actually took American citizens and put them in internment camps.  And yet FDR is spoken of in glowing terms by the Left, which implies that they're really not opposed to draconian solutions, they just want them directed at Republicans this time around.

Love or hate Trumps proposal, here are two simple facts.

Muslims do not have any right to immigrate to America.

Americans do not have any responsibility or obligation to permit any foreigner to immigrate to America.

This is our country.  We can allow who we let in and who we don't.  We should have a say in it.  And until we don't have to worry about some muslim screaming and blowing up day-care centers or shooting up a Christmas party (an attack that was planned a year out, which means right after Mr. Jihad brought Mrs. Jihad in from the Middle East) if we want to tell the Middle East and muslims to go fuck off, then WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO.

The post I linked to yesterday had it exactly right:  With the exception of Ted Cruz, every other Republican nominee is now arguing the very same position as Barack Hussein Obama, the worst president in American history.  They are so hoping that maybe THIS time if they attack Trump that it'll hurt him.  Maybe THIS time Trump's statements will bring him down.

Well Jumping Jehosephat on a pogo stick, how many times is this that they've jumped on the attack-Trump bandwagon and had it bite them in the ass?  With the exception of Cruz, they have proven incapable of learning just what is driving Trump's popularity, which means they have no idea how to get around it, and are constantly fighting a rear-guard action after the fact!  And if they have no idea for the reason behind Trump's popularity, that means that don't have a single clue about what their base wants, which is just more proof of how detached from the actual population the Republican party has become.

Trump is leading because he is finding out what the Republican base wants, and is saying it on the national stage.  Immigration?  The GOP had it's ears plugged and was screaming "LALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" as the voting base wanted some control put into place.  Trump came out and said "Let's stop this stupidity."  Advantage Trump.

And now on this:  The GOP establishment is so scared of being branded "racist" or "anti-whatever-ist" that they've pissed their pants pre-emptively and already curled into a surrender ball.  Trump just came out and stomped on their dicks.  "Yeah, let's stop bringing people in until we can be sure they don't want to blow us up!"  Advantage Trump.

At this point, I think the only hope the GOP has is the one person they hate more than Trump:  Ted Cruz.  I don't think Trump would make a good President.  Oh, he'd be better than Hillary, and if he gets the nomination I'd vote for him.  But I don't really trust him, I just trust him more than Hillary or that senile fuckwit from Vermont.

But Cruz?  I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.  And from the looks of things, his lead is growing, which is a good thing.

Every other GOP candidate has proven they're so far out of touch with American and the actual GOP voters that I don't know if I'd trust them to pour piss out of a boot with instructions printed on the heel.


Anonymous said...

I like Cruz too. However, it seems some bad news has come out about his wife, Heidi Cruz. It is about her professional positions on various boards and her affiliations with certain people.

Anonymous said...

I should say, I know nothing of Cruz's wife. And I wonder the veracity of that bog article. To me it sounds like poppycock since, for example, Cruz himself is very much for a closed border yet the blog paints his wife as working to keep the border open. What strange bed fellows that would make. But I am uninformed of her so I don't know.

Unknown said...

I am not a Yes Man, but I say Hell YES, Man!

Ragin' Dave said...

I think that there are people in both the American Communist Party and the GOP who are trying to make hay out of Ted Cruz's wife, because their attacks on Ted Cruz have failed so spectacularly. Cruz has been Enemy Numero Uno for the GOP ever since he defeated their establishment guy in the Texas primary. The GOP's hatred of Cruz just keep growing every time he refuses to toe the establishment line. And the American Communist Party hates anyone to the right of Mao.

At this point, I see attacks against his wife as an end-around in order to attack him. Therefore, I'm going to be very, very cautious before I take anything I see as the truth

Drumwaster said...

They are also making a very mendacious kind of attack by trying to call Trump a hypocrite with the claim that he is "against immigrants, while marrying only immigrants". That is a lie, because Trump has NEVER been against immigration, but has been against ILLEGAL immigration. There IS a distinction. Cruz is also clearly for closing the border, but that is NOT the same thing as shutting down all immigration.

America needs to return to its "melting pot" mentality, rather than the "salad bowl" option that has been pushed by the Left for so long. We've got lots of room and lots of opportunities for people who want to come here and seek a better life, but sign the guest book on the way in the door and do whatever is necessary to become an American, not a hyphenated half-citizen, bringing the failed culture you are trying to escape with you. Especially if that failed culture is one that has essentially declared war against any part of the world that disagrees with it.

Unknown said...

Yep. Cruz and Trump seem to be the only ones that get it. Real ppl don't want a fascist package for a president.