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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Your government at work, Ladies and Gentlemen

 Two Veterans Administration officials bilk the government out of a million and a half dollars, and not only do they NOT get fired when they're caught, they're still reimbursed for their moves!

I don't want to reform this government.  I want to burn it to the ground, and sow the embers with salt. Then rebuild it according to the original Constitution, mayhap with a few provisions that anyone caught defrauding the taxpayers be strung up from lamp-posts in the National Mall.


Drumwaster said...

Why does the VA have their own hospital system? Why not let the veterans pick their own hospitals and doctors, and simply reimburse the costs? They offer all kinds of educational benefits - colleges, universities, trade schools, etc. - and yet the VA doesn't operate a single school.

That would eliminate more than half the staff needed for the VA, because the personnel needed to operate a single full-service hospital could cover all of the paperwork needed to handle the health benefit claims for several million veterans.

Ragin' Dave said...

There are some VA hospitals that exist because private citizens donated money and land to build them. The Los Angeles VA center is an example of that. Included in the land grant (which is right in the middle of prime real estate btw) is the clause that should that land be used for anything other than the care and treatment of military vets, all of the land and property goes back to the original family.

The original family keeps close tabs on what goes on with that land, trust me on that.

Drumwaster said...

Well, "care and treatment" could also include housing for the homeless vets (like the Veteran's Home up near Barstow), job placement services, psychiatric services, and other things than a full-service hospital.

But worst-case scenario - let the land revert to the family, and get rid of the opportunity for graft and corruption involved with killing the very veterans their agency exists to help.

Ragin' Dave said...

Oh, I'm in agreement. See the "burn it down and sow the embers with salt" comment. I'd like to say that I can't fathom why people haven't been fired yet, except for the fact that we all know why it hasn't happened. Government accountability is an oxymoron.