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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The more I hear about higher education

The less I think of it.

Why should journalists know anything about economics or history? That’s the question the journalism department at UNC–Chapel Hill couldn’t answer, and so it has eliminated these basic requirements...

We are producing a nation of imbeciles, and paying handsomely to do so via the university system.  And in the end, we will have a huge group of over-educated half-wits, drooling morons with fancy parchment on their walls, who do not and cannot understand exactly what makes the world go 'round.  Overly-coddled ignorant cry-bullies completely incapable of dealing with the real world, who make a poopy in their pants and demand that you give them a trophy for doing so, while simultaneously demanding that the US taxpayer foot the bill for the Marxist incubation hive they spent four, five, ten years infesting.

Short of a hard science, why in the name of God would I ever suggest that a young person today go to a university?

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