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Monday, November 09, 2015


Apparently Ben Carson thinks the Pyramids were built for grain storage.  And people are going nuts over it.

Before any Leftist starts yammering to me about Ben Carson's beliefs, I'm going to ask them what they think the Pyramids were build for.

"Tombs, Dave!  Duh!"  OK, but there are plenty of tombs that aren't in a pyramid at all.  Heck, they've found mummies all over the place.  A tomb is a tomb, and yes, the Pyramids do have tombs in them as far as I know.  But that doesn't specifically designate the entire building as a tomb, or even indicate that the first intended purpose was to be a tomb.

And reading Biblically, Joseph did tell the Pharaoh to store up grain.  Who's to say they didn't do that in the Pyramids?

Bottom line is that nobody actually knows what the Pyramids were built for.  Hell, they still can't explain how they were built at all, other than a mish-mash of theories.  So if Ben Carson thinks they were build to store grain, so be it.  There is not a single bit of evidence out there to really prove him wrong.

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