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Monday, November 09, 2015

On the Media's hit job on Ben Carson

I was pleased to see people punch back almost immediately.  Warmed my heart, it did.

Oh, and in case you need to beat someone over the head with the truth, here it is straight from a recruiter's lips, m'kay?  The US Military Academy, aka West Point, calls it "scholarships".  So when Ben Carson says he was "offered a scholarship", that's probably the exact verbiage that was used.

The Politico piece was a total and complete hit job.  That they've had to re-write it, alter the headline, and continue to walk it back shows just what a dishonest hit job it was, and the fact that anyone even bothers to read that rag in today's age makes me shake my head at the stupidity of it's readers.  Ben Carson calling out Obama's Fan Club, the Media, warms my heart, and it shows that some people in the GOP have finally woken up to the reality that they won't be running against the Democrat in the race, they'll be running against the media itself, which is both the Democrat Propaganda Organ and the Democrat Stenographer Pool.  The same media which has spent the past seven years on it's knees in front of it's Marxist Messiah, the Communist Christ Obama, will now savage anyone on the Right to dares to point out that Obama is a massive clusterfuck of failures tied together by incompetence and narcissism.  Hillary will defeat herself.  She's one of the most unlikeable people in America.  It's only with the media attacking her opponent that she'll win.  So attack the media, because they're the ones doing the real work for the Democrats.

In the meantime, seeing Ben Carson punch the media right on the nose makes me think more of him.

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