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Monday, October 12, 2015

When your pals rail against the 1%

Ask them why they hate Obama and his supporters so much.

On October 10 President Obama talked about gun control and the Oregon shooting at “$33,400-a-ticket” Hollywood fundraiser for the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee. 
The fundraiser at Abrams’ home is believed “to have raised over $750,000 for Democratic Party war chest.” 
After leaving Abrams’ home Obama attended a “private concert by Jamie Foxx” in another Pacific Palisades’ homes. Tickets for the concert were $1,000, with the proceeds going to the PAC Obama for America and the Democrat National Committee (DNC). Then, at 5:40 pm, Obama went “to the home of interior designer Michael S. Smith for a $10,000-per-ticket event for the Democrat Hope Fund and the DNC.”
Anyone here able to shell out over $33,000 for a single ticket to an event?  Anyone?


Didn't think so.  Rub this in the hypocrite's faces.

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