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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oh yay. Halloween

This used to be my favorite holiday.  I'd get dressed up in whatever I could imagine and go have fun.  One time my friends and I dressed up as the Four Tops and sang "Earth Angel" for our candy.

As I got older I worked in haunted houses and had a great time.  I got so good at scaring people that between my friend and I, we accidentally made a girl pee herself in fear.  That wasn't our goal, but it quickly became our goal after that.

In my twenties, I'd get dressed up and go to whatever parties I could find.

In my thirties, I'd get dressed up and sit outside, handing candy to kids, and typically hot cocoa or cider to the parents.  But the last time I did that was in Wisconsin, where sitting outside and talking to people was enjoyable.

I haven't passed out one single bit of candy here in LA.  The first year we got a couple bags, and not one kid came to the door.  I gave it all away at the office the next day.  Year after that, we didn't even bother turning on our porch light.

It's not that I don't like Halloween anymore, but maybe it's not the same holiday that I remember.

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