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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just shut the hell up, W.

Just shut up, OK?  You don't like Cruz?  After being unwilling to defend yourself for your eight years in office, and after keeping your mouth shut as pResident Putt-Putt put the flight path of this country into a nose dive we might not get out of, the one person you're popping off about is Ted Cruz?


I mean, no, really?

Nothing about Trump, nope.  Nothing about any of the other witless establishment hacks who offer nothing but more failure.  But Cruz, you're willing to snipe at?

Well, I guess that tells us more about you than it does about Cruz, Dubya.

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doctor_kaz said...

Never fired back at CNN. Never fired back at Dan Rather. Never fired back at Joe Wilson. Let the Swift Boat vets and Rush Limbaugh do 100% of the heavy lifting against John Kerry. Never stood up for himself or a fucking thing as his approval rating circled the drain. Now he speaks up -- against a Republican. I just don't understand this dumb fucking party. I wonder if any political organization in the history of politics has ever been so hellbent on committing suicide.