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Friday, October 23, 2015

Crap like this

is why I'll be happy when the Democrat Stenographer Pool that we currently have as the "media" finally die, shrivel up and blow away:  "Palestinians shot boarding kids' bus"

That statement, were you to look at it without context, states that innocent Palestinians were just shot getting onto a kids' bus.  Was it their kids' bus?  A school bus?  Who knows?

What actually happened is that yet another group of sub-human terrorists attempted to massacre a group of Jewish children, and were shot before they could carry out their terrorist plans.

What other headlines could have been used?  "Terrorists prevented from plan".  "Palestinians shot before attacking kids' bus".  "Terrorist plot stopped".  Hell, I bet you could come up with better alternate headlines in five seconds.

But no, not our Leftist media, which hates the state of Israel and luuuuuurves them some musloid terrorism.  So it's "Palestinians shot boarding kids' bus".

I hope CNN dies.  Painfully.

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