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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Would would you do?

A post over at Rural Revolution brought the question "What would you do if you won the lottery?"

Of course, like Mrs. Lewis I'd have to play the lottery in order to win it.  But, what would I do?

#1 with a bullet:  Pay off debt.  Be debt free, because that is true freedom.
#2:  Invest, invest, invest.  Stocks.  IRAs.  Gold.  Real Estate.  Especially things that give me dividends on a monthly basis.
#3:  Throw one hell of a party for family and close friends. A one time deal.  Open bar, good cigars.
#4:  Buy my brother a house.  Family first.
#5:  Open up the business that the Mrs. and I want to open, and work my ass off in a job that I love.  And that's the real kicker.

Humans are meant to work.  If you don't work, you die.  Some people die internally, where their souls just wither away.  Some people just flat out die.  I've known far too many military folks who retired, and less than a year later were in their grave.  If you don't have purpose in your life, you decay. I fully plan on working until the day they carry me out of my house feet first.  Oh sure, I'll have time for reading and hunting and cigars and scotch after a successful hunt, but I'll have a job until I'm called by God to whatever my eternal reward might be.

Just sitting around on your ass leads to an early death.  I'd rather be productive in some form or fashion, even if it's just cleaning up around the old church while I'm in my 90's.  Or collecting eggs from the hen house and driving them to a neighbor who needs them.  It's not about bringing in a paycheck, it's about keeping your soul alive and well.

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Anonymous said...

If I won the lottery I would immediately hire a lawyer to accept my money on my behalf. Either that or I would approach somebody who is already wealthy and sell them the ticket for about 10% of its value. That way I could stay anonymous and it's not like I'm quitting my job anyways.