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Saturday, September 19, 2015

This makes me very very sad

And also pisses me off.

Rachelle Bond appears the epitome of the “special interest” that the Occupy movement avoided talking about but ultimately represented. She subsisted off welfare, with speculation rampant about whether she kept collecting checks after the death of her daughter. She lived in Section 8 housing provided by the government. Before her boyfriend took away her third child, the state took away Rachelle Bond’s first and second to raise them for her—or at least secure people who loved kids more than crack to do so. Rachelle Bond’s interest in Occupy succeeding appears something akin to Lockheed Martin’s interest in the defense budget exploding.

Now see folks, here's where I explain that I may not have ever been on welfare, but I've been poor enough to have welfare folks as my neighbors.

A huge, huge number of welfare folks are much like Rachelle Bond.  This is the dirty little secret that the Left doesn't want you to know.  They want to raise the hue and cry about poor, starving waifs and those just "down on their luck" who need help.  The actual number of people who NEED Welfare because they don't have any other options is a hell of a lot smaller than the number of people ON Welfare.  Way too many of them are just like Rachelle Bond - parasitic druggies who live off of society while sleeping, smoking, snorting and whoring their entire pathetic life away.  

Oh, and they vote.  They always vote for more of your money to go into their coffers.  Rachel Bond was an Obama voter, folks.  I guarantee it.  I'd bet my paycheck on it, with the caveat that she may have voted for someone in the Communist Party USA instead, only because they offered to take even MORE money away from the productive and give to the parasites.

Does it suck that Rachelle Bond is a worthless crack whore?  Yes, yes it does.  Should we pull money away from some guy raising a family and give it to Bond so that she can continue being a crack whore on the taxpayer's dollar?  Nope.  Not just no, but fuck no with cheese.

Will Rachelle Bond die if she gets kicked off of Welfare.  Probably.  She's so toxic that her own family doesn't want her around.  But that is not a good enough reason to keep funding her crack whore lifestyle.  If she dies, use her as an example of who and what not to be.  But she shouldn't be receiving one damn dime of my tax money.

And neither should the rest of the crack whores on welfare.  

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