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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The establishment still doesn't get it

You can go read the piece which whines about how such great candidates are getting lost in silliness if you wish.  But the GOP and it's enablers still don't get it.

Trump's approval, such as it is, is due entirely to the fact that he is not of the GOP.  That's why the attacks of "HE'S NOT CONSERVATIVE!!!  EEEK  EEEEEEEK!" aren't working.  The same people saying that are the same people who gave us John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, who have worked as hard as possible to give pResident Obama everything he wants.

"He's so rude!  He's mean!  He's un-presidential!"  At this point, politeness is a handicap when dealing with the Democrats.  The Left has called conservatives Nazis, terrorists, hostage-takers, tea baggers (that's still a favorite one today), racists, sexist, misogynists, homophobic, red-necked, sister-humping Jesus freaks.  And then we're told "Oh, but you have to be polite!"

No.  Fuck you.  And fuck that.

Every accusation that the GOP and it's enablers can throw at Trump don't stick because they don't hold water, coming as they do from a bunch of back-stabbing, corrupt, power-hungry, greedy, anti-Constitutional big-government statists.  Because that is what the GOP has become.  And they have shit all over their voting base in order to become what they are.

Well, guess where a lot of those people went?  Yep.  Trump supporters.  They already know the GOP hates them, despises them, holds them in absolute contempt.  The GOP made that clear year after year after year, and nothing has changed.  So tell me, just what attack from the GOP do you think could be successful at this point?

Yeah.  None.  Which is why Trump continues to rise in the polls, no matter how much the GOP attacks him.

Can't wait to see the debate tonight.


Arthur said...

Heh, I know Driscoll didn't write the article, but if you look over his posts at instapundit for the last couple of months it's pretty easy to see he's just trolling for outrage hits now.

Ragin' Dave said...

That's a pretty sad existence, then. Because lots of folks are correct - Trump isn't a conservative. and I don't think Trump would be a good president. But rather than point out why Cruz, Walker, and the rest are better candidates, the GOP has just gone full retard in attacking Trump's supporters.

Yeah. That'll get you votes, Skippy.

Arthur said...

Oh man, I know this thread is a week old, but I saw this and had to drop it here - THE OMINOUS PARALLELS CONTINUE TO STACK UP

I hope Driscoll's actually making some cash out of the deal at least. Debasing yourself like this for free would be really pitiful.