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Sunday, August 16, 2015

They paved over the fields

Over a decade ago I wrote a little post about a woman named Patti Gora, who was leading lawsuits to stop the grass seed farmers from burning their fields after harvest.  Burning the fields was the only real way to clear out any weeds and prevent their harvest from becoming contaminated.  Eliminate burning, and you eliminate the farmers.

Jacklin Seed shut down their facility a while ago.  The building is for sale.  The eco-freaks won, and the farmers lost.  So what happened?

The farmers sold their fields to the folks who would buy them.  And those folks were the property developers from California and New York who were using the eco-freaks to do their dirty work.  And they build houses upon the miles and miles of prairie, and all that open land was paved over.

Because, you see, the eco-freaks who claimed to love Gaia and hate the pollution of field burning didn't actually give a shit about the environment.  They were bought and paid for shills of the people who wanted that farmland to build houses on.  They have ALWAYS been bought and paid for shills of someone else.

Tell me, if you actually gave a damn about the environment, what would you prefer to have - miles upon miles of prairie and grassland that was burned once a year?  Or miles and miles of paved roads and cars and houses, with fertilizer and petroleum products and other pollutants?

Let this be an abject lesson for anyone who's on the fence, or for anyone who's under attack from the emotion-driven arguments of the eco-freaks.  The people of the eco-freak movement don't know a damn thing about the real environment.  They don't know a damn thing about what's best for the environment.  They are tools, being used by people much smarter then them, to accomplish what those smart people want.

The Rathdrum Prairie is disappearing.  It's being paved over, and that happened because the eco-freaks put the farmers out of business.  This may not have been what the eco-freaks wanted, but it's what their masters wanted, and the masters got what they wanted because the eco-freaks are brainless, weak-minded, spineless simpering maggots.

Patti Gora is still calling herself a "clean air ambassador".  Her unhinged accusations against the grass seed farmers continue to this day.  And she's just as big a tool of her masters now as she was then.  Remember that when someone claims that they just "want the president and Congress to know that the protection of human health is critical to strong communities"

They're full of shit.  They're tools, being used by someone else.

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Anonymous said...

The housing boom from the late 1970s to the early 90s caused an uproar. The ecoterrorists were sweltering up in arms. Round about the early 90s everyone and their brother thought they would get rich by growing wine grapes. The land was cheap relative to elsewhere and even foreign companies came in to plow under what had historically been grazing lands or dry crops like alfalfa.

The 'monculture' of vineyards created a curious alliance of farmers and the ecoterrorists Vs the ebil foreign companies and home builders. Not due to any of the above, the bottom of the grape market fell out so eventually those fields were ripped out to lay fallow...until home builders. BTW: due to projected population growth, the state mandated hundreds of thousands of new homes.

And due to new formatting concerning population density, site location was mandated to build population cities separate from existing cities. It's one big cluster with these people. I shall not even get started on 'protection' of natural habitat.

A victim must have a villain. The left is also wanting to be portrayed as the victim but with altruistic purpose, mind you. They are become the victim also as they seek to protect you. We know it's a load of crap and they know it too. But they are dishonest as the day is long.