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Friday, August 14, 2015

Profit Margins

Hardcover books sell for what these days...  $20?  $25?

John C. Write responds to a review of his newest book Somewhither (which I'm reading right now, review to follow sometime later).

I am happy to be “shoplifting” under such circumstances: I get paid more than twice my cut of the take had the reader bought this book in hardback.

So he gets more than twice the scratch from a $4.99 purchase on Amazon than he does from a $20 purchase at a brick and mortar store.

Tell me again how Amazon is destroying the book market in this country?  I can't afford $20 for a new book.  I can afford $4.99.  And the author makes over twice what he would normally make when I purchase the $4.99 Kindle book.


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