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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

No Irish Need Apply

One of the greatest harms of Leftist ideology is the way they inject their politics into everything they do.  Like claiming historical facts never happened just because the group isn't one of the favored victim status groups of today.

All of this would have been written off as a myth if it weren’t for Rebecca Fried, a rising high school freshman—who one of the preeminent scholars on the Irish diaspora in the United States now calls a “hero” and “quite extraordinary”—and who simply couldn’t believe it, either. 
Rebecca never set out to prove the thesis wrong. She was just interested in an article her dad brought home from work one day.

You cannot trust any "scientific" information that comes out of a Leftist.  Social Justice Warriors ALWAYS LIE.

As an aside, if you want to know how much the Irish (and Catholics) were hated, look up the Mass Rocks.  The Irish were forbidden by the English from celebrating their faith in their churches.  So they had to say Mass on rocks hidden from view of population centers.  And often, when the Brits would find a priest saying Mass, they would slaughter him and as many of the congregation as they could.

Think about THAT as you ponder how much you're willing to suffer for your faith in America today.

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Drumwaster said...

“Irish Catholics in America have a vibrant memory of humiliating job discrimination, which featured omnipresent signs proclaiming ‘Help Wanted—No Irish Need Apply!’ No one has ever seen one of these NINA signs because they were extremely rare or nonexistent.”

Well, I would imagine that even fewer people have seen the good professor's own diploma, so by his own "logic", that must not exist, either.

I see they have quit teaching critical thinking in college...