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Friday, July 17, 2015

Numbers don't lie

So much for that whole "sexism in publishing" thing.  Turns out that women DO prefer certain areas more than others.

This whole equality movement is a load of horse manure in a barrel.  Men and women are NOT equal.  The two genders have areas that they outperform the other.  The attempt to make the two genders "equal" does nothing but hurt women and feminize men.  You want to see a truly happy marriage?  Find the one where both the man and woman have their roles, their part to play in the marriage.

Jumping up and down and screaming "WE NEED MORE WIMMINZ IN X Y or Z!" makes no sense at all.  Why do we need more women in x, y, or z?  Because they're women?  Take physics.  Why do we need more women in physics?  Because they have a vagina?  Do breasts make you a better physicist?  Do we need more women writing Science Fiction because va-jay-jay?

Here's a novel idea - let people find out what they're good at, and then encourage them in that direction.  Base that whole "WE NEED MOAR OF PEEPULS!" on what people are actually good at doing, not on their genitalia.  I don't want my doctor to be a doctor because vagina, I want my doctor to be a doctor because they're good at practicing medicine and love what they do!

So, just by the numbers, women prefer to write romance and young adult books.  Men prefer to write science fiction, horror, and high fantasy.

Let them do it.  Don't demand more women in science fiction because of vagina.  That's just a stupid way to go about life.

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