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Friday, July 17, 2015

It's all about who they're afraid of

"They're" in this case being the gutless, pathetic politicians who continue to keep military members unarmed and at the mercy of violent assholes.

With the recent threats by ISIS to target military personnel and their families, why are we pretending our military bases and stations are not military targets, ripe for exploitation by hidden terrorist assets or lone-wolf nut cases? For the love of God and country, allow our military members who pass standard background checks and have weapons training to carry personal sidearms in or out of uniform. The lives of military members and families alike–families just like mine–could depend on the courage of these armed and honorable individuals. 
The lives of four military members could have been saved today in Chattanooga by such a change in policy. May God comfort their families. I doubt, Mr. Obama, that you will. 
A Military Wife

Why should a politician care about the military?  They have their own armed guards protecting them, so they're safe.  Screw the little people, right?

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