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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

41 Companies who donate directly to Planned Parenthood

Time to whip out the pen and paper, and ask these companies if they get a share of the money that Planned Parenthood makes from selling baby parts.

Or do it digitally.  Email the shit out of 'em.  "So Coca-Cola, do you or do you not agree with Planned Parenthood murdering babies and selling their body parts?"

Yank the funding, watch the evil start to shrink.

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Deserttrek said...

Ok Dave you left out the worst offenders and the ones least likely to be called on their activities. Professional sports with the worst being the nfl so I will single them out because they are the biggest money maker. They support every far left cause including planned parenthood, this is usually done via the pink ribbon scam, the komen foundation which funds planned parenthood. The play mainly in taxpayer funded stadiums, yet the appreciate the troop days were commercials paid for by the National Guard. They denied the Border Patrol ad space when the bowl was played in Miami. They have contracts with the networks and espn, the same ones who lie, smear, support illegal aliens, abortion, Obama and more.

I stopped watching them years ago and will not allow it in my home. Every time anybody watches the game they are helping the networks make money to fund the news divisions, the ones who support the destruction of the Republic. It is long past time for all Americans to write the nfl and tell them no more support of left wing causes, no more contracts with networks that insult the viewer and support the far left. Tell the networks you will not watch until the remake the news divisions. TURN THEM OFF. The nfl and the networks get a million letters telling them to stop and the sets are turned off, they will get the message.

If change is wanted it will take sacrifice. This one will do more to help than any conservative candidate or any law. The PEOPLE can speak, but it must be in a place that can do good. Watching pro sports and especially the nfl is a big F**K YOU to the USA.

Thanks Dave