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Friday, June 12, 2015

President FuckUp

To start with, go check out an epic twitter rant about the Office of Personnel Management hack job, storified onto one web page.

And then understand that no matter how bad people think the hack job was, it's actually worse.  The Chinese were in the OPM database unfettered and undetected for over a year.  The Office of Personnel Management, for those who don't know, are the people in charge of running background checks for security clearances.  As such, they have every last bit of information on the people they're investigating.

Name.  Social Security number.  Place of birth.  Residences for the last seven years.  Employment for the last seven years.  Aliases.  Family member's information.  Financial information.

You want to completely fuck over someone?  Take their SF 86 and give it to a criminal.  And the Chinese had access to over four million of these records.

And "President LadyParts" as Mr. Wilson calls him is once again playing his game.  Shifting blame, downplaying it, "I read it in the news!" kind of bullshit.  Because actual leadership in this situation is impossible from a gutless pathetic piece of shit who has never once displayed any kind of real leadership in his entire life.

This is a fuck-up beyond compare, and the worst part is, nobody in D.C. is going to do a thing about it.

You know that's true.  You know it.

Oh, and now there's a massive, electronic database of people's health information thanks to Obamacare.  Don't you feel safe?  Don't you feel secure?

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