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Thursday, June 11, 2015

And this collection of tweets

Is the perfect example of why I wrote that letter to Mr. Doherty at Tor.

Notice how the Social Justice Warriors have no problem calling people everything but a white boy, all for the sheer horrible act of asking to be included in their reindeer games.

Nope.  We're bigots, and misogynists, or nazis, or whatever.

This is the exact kind of behavior that got feathers ruffled up to begin with, and it won't stop until they're driven out of their comfy little holes and exposed as the vicious, hateful pieces of crap that they are.

The SJWs are why #GamerGate exists.  And why the Sad Puppies campaign exists.  And why Vox Day started up his Rabid Puppies campaign.  Because they are hateful people, going into hysterical fits at the mere thought of having to share air with people they consider "beneath" them.  And they don't even realize that the people they hate and attack are the book-buying public that they need to survive.

So I say either kick them out, or let them die.  And me personally, I'm at the point where kicking them off of their pedestal is just more fun.

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