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Friday, May 08, 2015

ISIS says they have 71 Soldiers here in the states

71 whole Islamonazis.  

Well, that'll use up some of my 30-06 ammo a bit.  I suppose if they're spaced out far enough apart, I can probably work in some of my 7.62x54R as well.  The Mosin hasn't shot a tyrannical bastard in decades.  It'll be happy to get back to work.

Seriously, these splody-dopes had better chose some Gun-Fearing-Wussy state to attack.  They try this in any state that has a decent gun culture, they won't make it past "ALLAHU ACK-"


"Well hell, Bob!  These hollowpoints really DO make a difference in force delivery!"

Oh, and they might want to avoid a large-scale attack in any state where the hunters outnumber the non-hunters.  Just sayin'.

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