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Saturday, May 02, 2015

And today is just another work day

One of the things I hate most about USAREC is the fact that the people up top seem to always think in short term.  Oh sure, they plan things out for twenty years, but they have an OER coming up and they want to look good RIGHT NOW.

So they do whatever it takes to get that good OER.  Like telling their teams "You're going to work Saturdays to make mission."

Forget the fact that my team IS making mission.  Forget the fact that my team has made mission every year I've been here.  Forget the fact that my team has been THE TOP TEAM every year I've been here.  Somewhere, some other team hasn't made mission, and that might effect that officer's OER, so it's off to work Saturdays.

It is pathetic.  It is a short-sighted, abusive way to run a unit.  It is saying "We will beat up every team we have, and flog the really good teams to produce more, rather than fixing the actual problems, because it's easier to beat on the good teams than fix the bad ones."

Fixing the bad teams takes effort, don't you know.  Fixing the bad teams might mean looking at the systems and processes they use and saying "This is broken."  You never admit anything is broken.  You just ride your good teams into the ground until they can't function any more, and then you beat them even harder to keep going because that's just the easy route to success!

I can't wait to leave.

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