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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sure, let's set this precident

Elizabeth Price Foley, blogging over at Instapundit, has a post up about how the Democrat American Communist Party wants to ignore the rule of law when it suits them.

We already know the Left hates the rule of Law and loves the rule of Man.  Their blind, slavish devotion to Obama and Hillary are proof enough of that.  But if they really want to push the issue, and we don't have anyone with balls enough on our side to actually, y'know, STOP THEM, then fuck it.  Let's ride this bomb all the way to the end point, shall we?  Because the next time a Republican gets into office, let's ignore...

The IRS.

The EPA.

The INS.  As a matter of fact, let's do away with the INS, and just offer hunting permits along the Southern border.

The Department of Education Indoctrination.

And every other alphabet organization in D.C. run by un-elected faceless bureaucrats who make our lives a living hell more and more each day.

Sound like a plan?

Or, we can finally punish those law-breaking fuckwits of the Left, get back to the rule of law, and have everyone playing on an even field.  Right?  Right?  HA!  I slay me.

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Drumwaster said...

I love how they assert that Obama should only enforce the ruling against the "four named defendants" in the King case, while continuing to oppress the other 320 million citizens who didn't have their names on the bottom line.

Hey, I'm all for that. Citizen Roe is the ONLY woman in the entire country allowed to get an abortion. Those individual plaintiffs in the same-sex marriage cases are the ONLY ones allowed to marry. The list goes on and on.