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Monday, April 06, 2015

So the Hugo Nominations are out

And the predictable crowd is predictably losing their collective shit.  A few recaps here and here.  But those are by no means the only shit being lost by the Leftists who until this year had a death grip on the Hugos and were strangling the life out of them.

I long since stopped using the Hugo Award as a reason to buy a book.  In fact, I would consciously avoid books with the Hugo, because by and large they just weren't very good.  It wasn't until I started reading the blogs of other writers that I found out why - they had been taken over by the gatekeepers of the Left, and like all things Leftist controlled, had been put to task pushing their message rather than their primary function, which was rewarding the best writers.

Leftist agitprop disguised as Science Fiction isn't very good.  It never will be.

So I'm quite pleased to see the writers that are on this year's ballot.  While I've already purchased many of the books that were nominated, if one of them I don't own wins the Hugo I may actually purchase another Hugo Award-winning book again!


Anonymous said...

That whole controversy is just like Gamergate and I haven't the slightest idea what anybody is talking about..the leftist tilt has been going on since "The Number Of The Beast." That's when I stopped reading Heinlien. Just read about Space Marines now.

Ragin' Dave said...

Here's a short summation:

Leftists took over WorldCon and treated the Hugo award as their own private thing.

Conservatives pointed out that Leftists treated the Hugos as their own private thing, and that they didn't represent all of Fandom.

Leftists called Conservatives names.

Conservatives came up with a plan to get their favorite authors on the Hugo ballots.

Leftists went apeshit and called conservatives names.

It's now year three of the "Sad Puppies" plan, and the Leftists have completely lost their shit. The vitriol is off the charts, to the point where a write who's married to a black woman is being called a racist just because he objects to the Leftists treating the Hugos as their own private award.

I think the hatred spewing from the Flaming Rage Nozzles of Tolerance has lost it's potency from overuse, because the Conservatives are simply fed up and don't give a shit about Leftist opinions any more.