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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Calgary Expo kicked out a women's group

Because these women prefer to NOT be victims, or part of the victim mentality that SJW's demand all women partake in.  But the Leftists lied (as usual) and claimed that they were "harassed" by the Honey Badger Brigade, and so the HBB were shown the door.  Under rather secretive circumstances.

So someone took the CalExpo logo girl, and made it into a poster that better represents CalExpo.

This is why you never, ever, EVER trust the Left.  This is why you never, ever EVER give ground to them.  They are liars, bullies, thugs.  They are the back-stabbers, the Wormtongues, the parasites who destroy from the inside.

A woman's group was kicked out of a comicbook expo because they weren't victims enough to make the Left happy.  Think about that.

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