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Monday, March 02, 2015

Whereupon I get cruel

A not-so-young lady writes in The Guardian about how middle-aged men only look at younger women, and laments about how middle aged women such as herself are put out to pasture.

I spoke to my friend Jack about this. 
“Men online are the same,” I told him. “They say they’re after true love but really what they’re after is the 25-year-olds.” 
“Maybe they think they can have both,” Jack said. 
“You’re not like that, though, are you? Given a choice, you’d pick the older, more interesting woman, the passionate, well-read, intrepid, low-maintenance woman.” 
“Nice of you to think so,” Jack said. “But I’d go for the firm arse and tits, always, without question.”

This is what modern feminism has wrought, ladies and gentlemen.  By stipulation that women are just like men, and women need to be treated just like men, we now treat you...

Just like men.

And that means, ladies, that you need to bring something to the table.  Something that we don't have. And that's a firm arse and tits.  Because a modern woman in middle age just doesn't bring much to the table with them, other than baggage and someone else's children.  And quite frankly, by the time men hit middle age, we're done dealing with other people's problems for the most part.  We don't need you and your emotional baggage and kids from some other guy that we're supposed to be a father to.

Now, and old fashioned woman who can turn a house into a home?  Who can be there to support a man when he brings home the bacon?  That's another story entirely, isn't it?

Now, for those who want to come in and screech "Well what do middle aged men bring to the table?" Start with the fact that most middle-aged men are actually in the peak of their earning years.  They're risen high enough to make good money, but they're not so old that they've got one foot out the door.  Most of them have the ability to support that young, hot thing on their arm in a rather comfortable fashion.

Thems the facts, folks.

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Anonymous said...

Well said sir. How many women can cook, sew, and make a home rather then just sit there and demand to be entertained?

I found a great wife, better than I deserve but you cannot find another to match her. She believes the femanazis are just that. Besides my wife knows she is better than I am so does not have to prove it.

And that's fine with me. Show me a woman today who has these qualities.