Day by Day

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


One of the essences of leadership is the ability to see what talents your people have, and then put them to the best use.

The antithesis of this is saying "Oh, well you're just a ______, so you can't do that.  You can only do this."

Folks, if you have a person who's an introvert, putting them into a job that requires talking to people every single day is going to wring them out.

Likewise, if you have someone who can talk to almost anybody and who enjoys interacting with people, putting them behind a keyboard and telling them that their job is to do the typing and nothing else, they are going to hate their job from the word go.

You figure out what your people can do, and then do your best to lay out plans and procedures that let your people work for you to accomplish the mission.

One day soon, I'll be in a unit with Leadership.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the military hasn't changed! lol!!
USMC '67-'71

Rivrdog said...

How soon? Ft. Lewis?

Ragin' Dave said...

Not soon enough, and it'll be on the East Coast. We're going to be making a round-about route, visiting family up in Seattle and points up North. We'll probably be stopping in Portland for a meal at some point.