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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Come see the Left's idea of "fair".

"Bonuses" and "Penalties" on test scores.  It's not enough to try to lift up one group, they have to punish another for the sin of doing well.

Lee’s next slide shows three columns of numbers from a Princeton University study that tried to measure how race and ethnicity affect admissions by using SAT scores as a benchmark. It uses the term “bonus” to describe how many extra SAT points an applicant’s race is worth. She points to the first column. African Americans received a “bonus” of 230 points, Lee says. 
She points to the second column. “Hispanics received a bonus of 185 points.” 
The last column draws gasps. Asian Americans, Lee says, are penalized by 50 points — in other words, they had to do that much better to win admission. “Do Asians need higher test scores? Is it harder for Asians to get into college? The answer is yes,” Lee says. 
Zenme keyi,” one mother hisses in Chinese. How can this be possible?

Socialism is based on envy.  Envy is a deep rooted sin, and as someone else wiser than me pointed out a while ago, it is the only one of the Seven Deadly Sins that doesn't give you any kind of gratification back.  It's a thorn-bush that tears out your heart.

And in their envious ways, the Left attacks the people for DOING WELL ON A TEST.  And so it goes with all envious groups.

A person consumed with envy cannot be happy while someone else achieves success.  A person consumed with envy will tear down other people in order to make themselves feel better.  A person consumed with envy will tear down everyone and make sure everyone is miserable rather than rejoice in someone's success.

This is the sin that Leftists base much of their actions on, and it never, ever bears good fruit.


commoncents said...

Sick or Hilarious? SNL ISIS skit with Dakota Johnson:

Ragin' Dave said...

Since it's SNL, I'll go with "sad".