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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Obama and his cronies fuck another Soldier

An Army Officer recently had his Silver Star yanked away by a bunch of cowards and tools.

The investigation, apparently, had nothing to do with the acts of bravery that earned Golsteyn his medal. Instead, according to the Washington Post, which cited officials familiar with the case, it concerned “an undisclosed violation of the military’s rules of engagement in combat for killing a known enemy fighter and bomb maker.” The investigation stretched on for nearly two years, during which time the Army effectively put Golsteyn’s career on ice. In 2014, Golsteyn and his lawyer were informed that the investigation was finally complete. No charges were filed, but Golsteyn still wasn’t released from administrative limbo. 
Alerted about the controversy by another Army officer, Captain Will Swenson, Congressman Duncan Hunter wrote last year to John McHugh, the secretary of the Army, asking about the status of Golsteyn’s seemingly endless career freeze. Apparently the secretary did not take kindly to the inquiry, as he responded in a letter last November that not only would he not be upgrading Golsteyn’s Silver Star to a Distinguished Service Cross, but would be revoking Golsteyn’s Silver Star entirely, a fact that Hunter revealed publicly in an article for the Daily Beast published on Tuesday.

Crap like this just proves yet again that Obama is unfit to hold his office, and the position of Commander in Chief with it.  And crap like this is why I will never forgive the anti-American Left, the Progressive National Socialists, for continuing to support this buffoon, this narcissistic incompetent asshole, this malignant cancer on America.

Such is the quality of American military leadership that generals and political appointees like McHugh will send courageous soldiers like Golsteyn into incredibly difficult (some would suggest impossible) circumstances, then invest years in second-guessing their actions after the fact—and then, finding no evidence of wrongdoing, still publicly dishonor the man without giving him a chance to defend himself. 

Obama and his regime do not deserve the military they were handed.  They don't deserve to brush the dirt off of our boots.  Fuck Obama, fuck John McHugh, and fuck every worthless piece of shit to put them in office.

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