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Friday, February 20, 2015

My, that's refreshing

When a four-star flag officer (retired) comes out and says what most right-thinking people already know.

“The Obama administration has a strategy. It is very simple. Any thinking American should be able to grasp it. It’s anti-American, anti-Western, it’s pro-Islamic, pro-Iranian, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood,” he said last week at a conference hosted by the conservative Center for Security Policy where he heads the military committee. 
Lyons, in the Navy for 36 years and a critic of Obama, said the nation has to come to “grips” with Islam as something other than a religion. “Until you recognize that Islam is the political movement masquerading as a religion, you’re never going to come to grips with it,” he said at the conference titled the "Defeat Jihad Summit."

Along with Rudy Giuliani attacking the Teleprompter Jesus and the Democrat Media Complex in full, freak-out panic damage control mode, this might end up being an interesting weekend for news.

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