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Friday, February 06, 2015

Crap like this

Is why I don't find the Jesuits to be worth a squirt of piss in a windstorm.

If you ask anyone in the education community, (particularly the teachers unions) the tenure system is a vital part of the American education complex, both in public schools and colleges or universities. But Marquette University is proving that there are exceptions to every rule, moving to dismiss Professor John McAdams from his position, even though he is a long time educator with tenure. That must have been some seriously awful crime he committed to have the bosses show him the door. Did he engage in sexual activity with a student? Steal university funds? Go on a killing spree? 
No, he wrote a blog post criticizing a graduate instructor who allegedly shut down a classroom debate when one of the undergraduate students voiceed objections to gay marriage.

The professor didn't object to gay marriage, he objected to another professor shutting down debate in a classroom and wrote a blog post about it.  For that he was fired.

Marquette is a Jesuit university.

Add to all of this the fact that Pope Francis, the most idiotic, Marxist, PC pope to sit in Rome since, well, ever, is a Jesuit as well.

The Jesuits were supposed to be intellectual "shock troops" for lack of a better term.  They have become a mockery of everything they were supposed to defend.  They were tasked with teaching the doctrine of the church.  They have become a nest of vipers and traitors.  They are the perfect example of why the Catholic Church is dying in America.  They don't believe what they used to teach.  They have turned their faces away from the Church and focused instead on the rewards of this world.

So be it.  They will earn their reward, in this world, and they have more than earned their punishment in the next.

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