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Monday, January 12, 2015

The World wanted Obama

So when Obama sends a gigantic middle finger to the world, when Obama abdicates his position as leader of the free world, just keep in mind that Obama is the American President that these people wanted.

They hated that cowboy Bush.  They couldn't stand anyone that highlighted their weakness, their failures, their lack of spine.

They cheered for Obama.  They rallied to Obama's speeches.  They celebrated his election.  Twice.  And so when that narcissistic buffoon basically tells them all to go fuck off, what can they do?

Obama is their guy.  He's their anti-Bush.  They gave that incompetent fucking moron the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for pete's sake, just for being Not-Bush, and he's rewarded them with a Middle East on fire, Russia invading Ukraine, Islamic Terrorism resurgent.

And on top of all of that, he can't even be bothered to send anyone of importance to the biggest rally in France since World War II.  The leaders of Germany, the UK, Israel and thirty-seven other countries were there.  Could he even send that moron John F'n Kerry?  Y'know, the guy who speaks FRENCH?  The guy who's such a failure that he makes Hillary Clinton look half-way competent?  Nope, can't do that!  Maybe Kerry had some important botox injections he didn't want to miss, who knows?

The fact that Obama snubbed France this way is unacceptable.  But the fact that it happened to his supporters (except for Bibi, who knows just what kind of gutless, sniveling shitweasel Obama is) is a little bit of delicious irony.  They wanted Obama.  And they got him, good and hard.

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