Day by Day

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

So, after a little time to think about it...

I think I'm pretty much done with the GOP at the national level.

I know that there are no perfect politicians, and there are no perfect political parties.  And I was willing to compromise on quite a bit.  But when John Boehner pushed a CRomnibus bill that gives Obama every.  Single.  Thing.  He wanted, essentially throwing away any leverage the GOP had against amnesty and Obamacare, stabbing conservatives in the back YET AGAIN while screwing over all the incoming GOP Representatives, and then those people turn around and vote for him as Speaker of the House for a 3rd term?

Nope.  Just nope.

So I'll be looking for Libertarian and Constitutionalist folks to vote for until the GOP wises up.  I'll support the GOP candidates at the local level just to make sure the Commies don't take over, and maybe get the party back on the right track from the ground up.  But until Boehner and McConnell are removed from their positions, the GOP will not get one single dime from me, nor will I vote for or support any GOP candidate at the national level.  I will actively campaign against the GOP at the national level, because in reality, there's not much difference between what Boehner did with the CRomnibus bill and what Pelosi would have done.


Crotalus said...

There is no party that represents Americans. There is, therefore, no reason to vote anymore. Prepare for war.

0007 said...

Wasn't that a nice shot of the boner and the polousi swapping spit over fu****g the conservatives again?