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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Have you ever been a "manspreader"?

Hell yes I manspread.  I've manspread in a fucking KILT.  That I was wearing PROPERLY REGIMENTAL, baby!

In all seriousness, the fact that these people had to create "man-spreading" to futher their narrative shows just how little they truly have to bitch about.

Manspreading is an example of what college intellectuals call a "microaggression". That simply means you may not know that you are oppressing the person next to you. The effect is to make innocent people even less willing to be friendly and engage others for fear it will turn into a bad scene of the offended party screaming, crying and/or threatening legal action. The 1990s sitcom Seinfeld used to poke fun at such behavior with the perpetually offended character Elaine Benes. Little did the writers know that Elaine would be the voice of a new generation.

If some guy tells me to stop manspreading, I'm going to tell him to butch up, eat a fucking steak, and grow some balls.

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