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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Found a new pipe blend

So first of all, if you happen to be a pipe smoker in or around the Pasadena area, you have to stop in to a place called the Briar Hound.  This is a pipe only smoke shop.  It's open on the weekends, from 1-8 PM.  He's got all kinds of different tobaccos at the shop, but what sets this guy apart is that he'll sell tobacco by the ounce.  He's got a menu of all kinds of different tobaccos, and you can select one you want to try and just buy a bowl of it instead of buying an entire tin.

Which is how I found this new pipe tobacco.  It's called "Cigar Leaf" by Cornell & Diehl.

It's like having a good cigar and a pipe all in one.

Now if I can just find a place to buy the stuff where I live....

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