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Monday, December 29, 2014

Morons gonna moron

So a bunch of protesters showed up at Hollywood and Highland on Saturday night, trying to do their Ferguson/Garner thing and block traffic.  They burned an American flag right in the middle of the street, stretched across the crosswalk, held hands and generally acted like the brainless morons they are.  The usual "Fuck the Cops" attitude was on display.

Someone apparently wasn't down with the struggle, because he tried to force his way through the line with his car.  Which resulted in someone banging on his hood, which THEN resulted in this dude hauling ass away, right THROUGH the idiots in the crosswalk.

I watched the video.  Best thing I've seen come out of Hollywood in a while.

Here's the twitter feed of one brainless moonbat, named "Cassandra".  Cassandra claims to be an "Activist who commits random acts of journalism".  She's also really good at showing off her boobs, because "GRRL POWER" or something like that.  And, if you peruse her feed, you'll see that she has drank so much of the liberal kool-aide that normal free thought is beyond her.  However, she did post that video of the dude getting run over, so I can at least thank her for that part of my evening.  She's also a great indicator of the kind of mental power these protests can attract - mental power so low that I doubt she could even get a flickering incandescent bulb to light up over her head.  It's more like a match that won't light.

Yeah, I'm a little off this morning.  Haven't had coffee.  Still need to take the dogs running.  They're snoring on the couch next to me right now.

UPDATE:  Ok now - run completed, dogs are happy, coffee is made.

So, regarding the brain-dead moron who blocks roads for fun...  let's call him "Speedbump" for short. Anyways, after Speedbump got himself run over by jumping on a car and hitting it while the driver (who probably rightly feared for his life) was contemplating his next action, the protesters who were just seconds ago calling the police all kinds of names, stirring up shit, burning US flags and being various flavours of assholes all the sudden started calling 9-1-1.  While cops were standing right there, trying to keep protesters from getting themselves killed.

Savor the irony.  The protesters, who were protesting cops, get a little taste of their own medicine, and then try to call the cops.

And then the protesters try to whine about how the cops weren't doing their job.


In the mean time, I want to try to track down that driver and send him a thank-you letter.

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Deserttrek said...

with the pothole situation in southern California, these pieces of manure would be a good start