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Monday, November 17, 2014

Anyone remember....

When Rush Limbaugh coined the word "Feminazi", and all the Feminazis went apeshit over been accurately described?


Short version:  Time Magazine had a poll about what word to ban, and the word "feminist" was winning with over 50% of the votes.  So the Feminazis rallied, and screeched, and made horrible hooting sounds, and called their flying monkeys, and Time showed their complete and total lack of spine by pissing down their leg and removing the word "feminist" from their poll.

Things like this are why I haven't bought a Time in well over a decade.

Hey, when the vast majority of the public think that feminists are a bunch of shrill, over-bearing, hyper-sensetive harpies, is it really a good idea to prove the majority right?

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