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Monday, October 27, 2014

This, this, this!

This is politely written, unvarnished truth that needs to be repeated, from the comment's at Vox Popoli:

With all due respect, both you and your critics here are wrong. You object to filthy language from anonymous teens directed at women-handles on the grounds that it is misogyny, and they object to your objection on the grounds that it is typical young male banter. 

Courtesy is an organic and reciprocal thing. The only way to get boys, who are innately and inherently barbaric, to act chivalrously and nobly, is to have your your ladies act like ladies.
Not to be too crude or direct about the matter, but if the only way to persuade a woman to copulate with you is to behave like a gentleman (and I mean a gentleman who fights duels and is polite to the man he shoots or stabs) then the natural lusts and pride of youth will incline the young men to act like gentlemen. 

The Cultural Marxists for all the decades after World War Two have spent their utmost time and efforts attempting to normalize filthy and filthy language, and heap up the obscene and disgusting things in our lives, because men without dignity, and men without beauty in their lives, men who live in a dungheap, find it hard to fight. Their spirits are low.  

So, to reform the filth talk of the HALO players, your mission is to reintroduce Christianity, courtliness, femininity, and romance into life.  

Stop talking this nonsense about women being exactly like men in all ways. Men and women are not equal, they are complimentary, and each has strengths and merits the other lacks.
Men are downstream of women. Eliminate feminism, and you will eliminate what you are calling misogyny.

The Marxist and their allies have pushed to dumb down modern culture for as long as I can remember, and it's been their goal to make what used to be degenerate, common place.  Defining Deviancy Down.

But now that they've gotten their goals and their places of power, they're trying to shame all those hollow-chested men they've created into following their rules.  But deviants don't do shame.  Degenerates don't do shame.

You want to be treated like a lady?  Act like a lady.  But modern feminism refuses to act that way, and so they reap their reward.

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