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Friday, October 31, 2014

Stop all emergency services to Ferguson, MO

No cop should be asked to put up with this as part of their job.  I certainly wouldn't put up with that as Joe Citizen.  But then, I wouldn't be caught dead in a vibrant shithole where the locals are typically rampaging gangs of thugs and hoodlums, either.

Yeah, I know that's harsh.  Take a look at the video.  Feel the hatred that these people have for anyone who isn't black skinned.  And as an added bonus, these are the people who flat out lied about Michael Brown being a "Gentle Giant" even after he was caught on video robbing a store and tossing the store owner around.  And of course, they stuck it to "the Man" by smashing windows, looting the QuickTrip store, and burning their town down around their ears.  And now that the grand jury has seen ALL the evidence and refused to indict the cop, they're going insane over the fact that their lies couldn't get the desired results.

Even a dog doesn't shit in it's own den.  But apparently that's too high a level of civilization for the residents of Ferguson, MO.

So my solution would simply be to cut off all emergency services until the population stops assaulting cops.  No Police, no Fire Department, no EMT.  If the barbarians who populate Ferguson want to act like a bunch of savage cavemen, so be it.  Don't put anyone else's life at risk.  Let them drown in their hatred, and hope that the survivors are less inclined to devour those who are trying to help them.


Drumwaster said...

Seal off the city limits, and post cameras to record the fun, and let 'em burn, baby, burn! Shut off the water, the power, all cell phone towers, and let the residents see what life can be like when they run things their way.

Crotalus said...

What about the citizens standing guard over their businesses with those EBRs and other guns?

Ragin' Dave said...

Give them the opportunity to leave. I'm willing to bet they're about ready to leave anyways.