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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spent yesterday sick as a dog

And with a headache that started between my shoulderblades and radiated up to the top of my head.  The Ragin' Mrs. hit it with some ointment and worked on my shoulders until the vertebrae started to pop back into place.  You ever have a time where you were in so much pain you didn't know just how much?  And when the pain finally went away, the feeling of relief made you dizzy?  Yeah.  That kind of pain.

Feeling much better.  I may actually try to go to work!

The illness was due to getting the flu shot.  I know there are tons of people out there who will shriek at me "THE FLU SHOT DOESN'T MAKE YOU SICK!"  Yeah, yeah, whatever.  For years and years, every time I got the flu shot, I got sick.  When I was out of the Army and living the civilian life, I never got the flu shot, and never got sick.  And then I was back in the Army, getting the flu shot every year, and getting sick from it.  So I'm either getting a mild case of the flu, or I'm catching some other virus that sneaks in while my body is busy dealing with the vaccine.

I'm not an anti-vaccine kind of person.  I'm all for the MMR vaccine, and the polio vaccine, and all those other vaccines that help us avoid the kinds of diseases that used to kill or cripple huge swaths of America.  But if you're a healthy person between the ages of 15-65, do you really need the flu shot?  If I'm going to get sick every time I get the flu shot, then why don't I just skip the shot entirely and give myself a chance to not get sick at all?  And since the flu shot only covers three or four different variations of the virus of the year, there's no guarantee that you still won't catch the flu even after you get the shot.

Once I'm out of the Army, I won't be getting a flu shot until I turn about 80 or so.

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