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Sunday, October 26, 2014

He got what he voted for

The first American hostage that was beheaded by ISIS, James Foley, campainged for Obama, and thought that Obama was going to save him.

Instead, as we all know, the feckless, gutless, limp-wristed response by the Golfer-in-Chief cost Foley his life.

I don't take joy in Foley's death, and I still want to see those who killed him removed from this earth. I only bring this up as I would bring up the actions of a child who touched a stove after being told it was hot.  You can feel sorrow for a person's pain, but you must always, ALWAYS acknowledge that it was that person's actions that caused the pain to begin with.  James Foley worked to elect Obama, and Obama let James Foley get his head hacked off by murderous savages rather than risk his political image.  Because to Obama, his political image is worth more than an American's life.

And that's the man James Foley voted for and campaigned for.

He got what he voted for.

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