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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AJ Fernandez Spectre

If you're a pipe smoker who likes English blends, then this cigar is the bomb-diggity.

My only complaint is the price.  Right now, depending on who you go through, it's about $50 for a box of ten.  Now don't get me wrong, a good cigar is worth $5 easily.  However, this is a pipe-lover's cigar, and more importantly, a pipe-lover who likes Latakia tobacco.  Which means for $10-$15, you can get a tin of tobacco with Latakia in it that will last you much, much longer than a single cigar.  So unless you really, REALLY like cigars more than pipes but still want that English/Balkan flavor, it's kind of an answer without a question.

My impression?  If I can find it on sale, I'm picking it up because it's a darn good cigar with a twist.  But I don't think I would pay full price for it, as I can get the same aroma and taste from a whole host of different pipe tobacco blends.

Speaking of which, I'm currently trying a blend called Saint Olaf, which is pretty much a classic English/Balkan blend.  Good flavor, doesn't smoke to hot, and it burns down all the way to white ash without any left-overs.

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