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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"We're 32!"

So, in a study of 34 different country's tax codes, we're number 32 in terms of competitiveness.

Anyone who's tried to open a business knows just how bad the tax situation in America is right now.  And it's going to get worse, because we don't have too many politicians with the stones to reform the tax code, even though doing so would damn near guarantee a Presidential vote later on down the line.

No, what the US Tax Code does right now is lower entrepreneurial growth, lower economic growth, and create incentives for a black market.

What, you didn't think of the black market?  If I can sell my product on the open market at $10 but taxes end up eating $5, then I can sell my product on the black market for a price greater than $5 and make more money.  $6 untaxed dollars is greater than $10 dollars that the government takes half of from me.

And not only do I keep more money in my pocket, but I starve the Liberal welfare state of tax revenue.  Double bonus.

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