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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Well, Crap

So, since I'm stationed in the festering shithole of Los Angeles, any time I have a mandatory physical exam (optical, dental, PHA, etc) I get to travel to the mandatory medical place mandated by the military for all "local" military place to use.

Which for me means traveling two hours.  No, that's not a typo.  Oh, and since this is government health care, the only appointment they had open was a month wait and mid-morning, which means that I get to travel on the 405 in rush-hour traffic.

Did I mention that I cannot wait to leave this fucking shithole, and how I want Los Angeles to fall off into the ocean and drown?  I did?  Well, I meant it.

One of the "quirks" of LA driving, and by "quirks" I mean the habits of the insanely stupid and drug-addled, is the habit of "white lining" that the motorcyclists here do.  Meaning, they ride the white line in traffic.  Now, this normally isn't a problem, as if some dipshit wants to turn himself into road pizza that's his concern and not mine.  Hell, it's legal here.  They call it "Lane Sharing", as if riding the line between lines is somehow sharing a line.  But I was attempting to make my way into the HOV lane (The Ragin' Mrs. was with me), I got caught up in typical LA traffic, which means that the 405 turned into a parking lot suddenly and without reason.  Which leaves me caught in mid lane change, unable to back up, unable to go forward, and right on the white line between the "fast" lane and the HOV lane, and since the fucking assholes here don't leave you any damn room there was nothing I could do except wait for traffic to start flowing again and complete the lane change.

Whereupon some guy on a Harley, hauling ass down the white line in rush-hour traffic, promptly slid right into me.

Now, luckily he's OK.  He managed to slow down to the point where it was a love tap.  But holy hell people, what kind of brain-dead fucktard hauls ass down a white line in rush-hour traffic in LA?  Apparently, this guy.

So, to recap - two hours in this traffic to go to my mandatory appointment at the mandatory place, get hit by a motorcycle, and then have to deal with the traffic all the way back up.

I cannot wait to leave.  Less than a year.  Less than a year.  Less than a year.


Anonymous said...

That used to be called Lane Splitting when I lived there. There was a rule about it: the biker could go no faster than 20 mph if traffic was stopped, or 20+ the lane creep speed if the lane was slowly moving.


Ragin' Dave said...

I don't know how fast he was going, but he slid when he hit his brakes. Since I used to ride myself, I can say with certainty that he was going faster than 20mph.